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The unique Buy A Key program makes it easy for your Church or School to purchase a beautiful new acoustic, digital or hybrid piano. The program divides the instrument’s cost by 88 – the number of keys on a piano. You just need 88 individuals, families or sponsors to "buy a key" and the instrument is yours to enjoy! Of course, they can buy more than one to help you reach your goal even faster.

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SU 530 Stardust Organ

$2000 Below Internet Price  $4,999.00

$2000 Below Internet Price $4999.00

No Obligation

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Versitile Piano


45" Upright Professional Collection Piano



Real acoustic piano

Most importantly, a TransAcoustic™ piano is a wonderfully crafted acoustic piano produced in-house through Yamaha's vertically integrated manufacturing process. This guarantees high-level playability, long lasting durability and a beautiful sound. When the hammers strike the strings, vibrations travel through the solid-wood soundboard creating a vibrant tone that will stimulate the senses.

The TransAcoustic™ piano offers 19 pre-installed sounds, allowing you to select a voice that perfectly matches your music. Select from the award-winning Yamaha CFX Concert Grand, or from a number of electric pianos, organs, strings and much more! Additionally, you can connect any external sound source to be played back through the entire instrument

Enjoy different sounds

Thanks to their unique construction, TransAcoustic ™ pianos allow you to layer the natural resonant sound of the acoustic piano together with the voices from the tone generator. Perhaps the most scintillating sounds are created by combining the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument – for example, gentle orchestral strings seemingly played form an acoustic piano – to achieve sonic textures with natural quality not found on any other instrument.

Combine acoustic and digital sound

Silent Piano SH included

A New Breed of Piano

An acoustic piano with volume control, or a digital piano with strings? Yamaha's latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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