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Piano Moves

Your Piano will be moved in a Climate Controlled, Smooth Ride Sprinter!

All Pianos & Piano Parts are moved in Custom Padded Cases.

We are fully Insured With Commercial Vehical insurance.Your Piano Is also insured with a seperate rider on our policy. Our Moving crew is covered with workmans Comp Insurance.

For Grand Piano Price: We Need the (1) Brand Name Of Your Piano (2) Your Model Number which is located under the music Shelf (Rack) on the right side on most grands.

(The model # Gives Us The actual Grand Size For the proper size Grand Skid & Cover)

(3) Pick Up & Delivery Addresses to Calculate Job Time and it also allows us to use

google earth satelite view to look at each residance steps,sidewalks and overview.

For Upright Pianos: A Text Pic of the piano & both addresses

To Get a Quote: Text above Information to 302-381-9001 Or Call The store.

Tune & Voice

Furniture Restore treatment

Climate Controlled Storage

$25 per month

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