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The superb natural feel of a real piano action

The NU1X represents the next evolution in hybrid piano technology melding the Yamaha pedigree of unparalled piano craft with progressive digital innovation. Employing a real acoustic upright piano action that intuitively connects player and piano, the NU1X offers a gratifying dynamic experience. The result is an instrument that not only pays tribute to its acoustic counterpart but exceeds all expectations.

Legendary Piano Samples

To play an AvantGrand means access to the actual sound profile of two legendary concert grands: the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. Whether you prefer the bold, expansive palette of the CFX, or the warm, rich Vienna tones of the Imperial, switching between the two is simple.

The authentic feel of a grand piano pedal

The NU1X features a damper pedal that recreates the subtle changes in resistance experienced when using a grand piano pedal. What’s more, the NU1X's damper pedal allows you to use the same half-pedal techniques that you would with a grand piano, offering detailed control over sustain and reverberation.

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Featuring the authentic sound and action that is consistent throughout the AvantGrand series, the N1X offers the allure of a real grand piano experience in simple, stylish package.


   •Specialized Grand Piano Action utilizes real acoustic grand action parts and employs

  optical key and hammer sensors for unrivaled touch

     •Features 4-point spatial acoustic samples of two world class concert pianos: the Yamaha

    CFX and the Bosendorfer Imperial

     •AvantGrand pianos employ Yamaha’s Spatial Acoustic Speaker System – a four-point

    speaker configuration that allows AvantGrand pianos to deliver faithful three-dimensional

    recreations of the original instruments

     •VRM recreates the experience of string resonance throughout the entire body of the

     instrument producing a rich reverberation that envelops the listener in sound

     •The Smart Pianist app enables you to easily control the many functions of the instrument

    with your smart device

Experience the response and feel of an authentic acoustic action

To express yourself musically, you need to form a physical bond with your instrument. In the case of the AvantGrand series, it starts with real wooden keys with a comfortable touch. Then comes the all-important key action, which the AvantGrand series has inherited from Yamaha’s esteemed concert grand pianos. Beneath your fingers you sense the same precise weight and responsiveness, the same scope for expression. To capture every nuance of your performance, Yamaha employs a non-contact optical sensor system that doesn’t affect the feel or performance of the action in any way. Under each key is a continuous optical sensor that captures the speed and depth at which that key is depressed. An additional optical sensor affixed to each hammer shank measures the timing and strength of the hammer hitting the virtual “strings”. This information is instantly translated into a beautifully authentic sound reproduction. The more you play, the more you find yourself becoming one with the piano.

Two world-class grand pianos in one

When it comes to judging piano tone, much depends on personal taste. To help you achieve the tonal palette you desire, Yamaha offers the choice of two world-class grand pianos in one—each with its own unique character to convey the emotion you want to express through a piece of music. At the touch of a button on the AvantGrand N1X, you can opt for authentic sounds sampled either from a Yamaha CFX concert grand or from a Bösendorfer Imperial. As Yamaha’s flagship grand piano, the majestic CFX boasts a wide palette of tonal colors, from sparkling high notes to powerful bass tones. The legendary Bösendorfer, meanwhile, is renowned for its sonorous and rich Viennese sound. Either way, the lifelike sounds of the AvantGrand N1X allow you to explore the outer reaches of your expressive imagination.

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Try before you buy at KeyboardAmerica - Great selection of Uprights & Grands Visit Our 2 Huge 5000sq' Digital & Acoustic Piano showrooms!

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